EAD Plataform




A comprehensive E-learning platform for Japanese lessons

Developing a tailored platform for Melis Education, a Japanese language school in Japan, was a pivotal challenge. The client grappled with multiple platforms, resulting in organizational difficulties. Our mission was to create a comprehensive and intuitive solution, consolidating lesson and content management in one place. We aimed to provide an exceptional experience for students, facilitating access to classes and learning paths. Our focus was on optimizing content delivery, benefiting students, teachers, and administrators.

We aligned the architecture and the entire site's visuals

To ensure project effectiveness and usability, we conducted a prototyping phase for all pages. Every element was meticulously designed and refined, from button placement to overall system navigability. This allowed us not only to preview each page’s layout and interaction in advance but also to identify potential enhancements and adjustments to ensure a seamless and intuitive experience for end-users.


Exploring Efficiency: Melis Education's Administrative Dashboard

Melis Education’s Administrative Dashboard is the hub of educational management, consolidating all essential operations into an intuitive and efficient platform. From class, material, and calendar management to student and teacher tracking, all activities are coordinated with ease and excellence. With an intuitive interface and comprehensive features, the dashboard not only streamlines operational management but also elevates the entire educational experience, fostering harmonious collaboration and effective communication throughout Melis Education’s educational community.

Testimonial sent by the partner

True partners, commitment to delivery, and excellence!
I've been a client of Smartlead for 3 years now, and they have never let me down. I feel satisfied with all the work and dedication. We developed our own platform for my education business, and without a doubt, it brought more organization and authority to the company. Moreover, the experience we can offer to our students is unique! Thank you very much!

Lisley Nagakura, Founder - Melis Education