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Building the Future of Real Estate: The Success Case of Mirantte Real Estate

On the journey towards digital excellence, Mirantte Real Estate entrusted SmartLead with the challenge of reinventing its online presence. With a vast portfolio of over 80 thousand properties in São Paulo, Mirantte recognized the need for a digital platform that reflected its greatness and offered an unparalleled experience to its clients.

Embracing this challenge with enthusiasm, we dove headfirst into the mission of creating a real estate portal that not only met Mirantte’s expectations but exceeded them. Carefully analyzing the old website, we identified gaps and opportunities for improvement that allowed us to conceive a completely new project, shaped by innovation and driven by disruption.

The result? A real estate portal that redefines performance and usability standards. We built an optimized, agile, and highly customized platform tailored to Mirantte’s unique needs. Whether on a smartphone or computer, clients enjoy smooth and intuitive navigation, exploring a wide range of real estate opportunities.

Our partnership with Mirantte didn’t stop at just creating an attractive website. We implemented artificial intelligence solutions that offer personalized recommendations, guiding users to properties that best suit their preferences and needs. The result was immediate: a significant increase in lead generation for all Mirantte agencies.


To ensure the effectiveness and usability of the project, we conducted a prototyping phase for all pages. Each element was carefully designed and refined, from the layout of buttons to the overall navigability of the system. This allowed us not only to preview the layout and interaction of each page in advance but also to identify potential improvements and adjustments to ensure a smooth and intuitive experience for end users.

The internal pages of the selected products at Mirantte were meticulously planned and developed to ensure a truly exceptional browsing experience. Inspired by leading market players such as Quinto Andar and Loft, we sought to elevate the standards of quality and innovation in every detail.

Our focus was to provide Mirantte’s users and potential clients with a seamless and engaging journey. We invested time and effort to understand their needs and expectations, and then designed each element of the internal pages with the aim of exceeding their expectations.

In a fiercely competitive market, we know that differentiation is essential. Therefore, we incorporated cutting-edge features such as drone videos and virtual tours to offer a comprehensive and immersive view of the properties. These technologies not only enrich the user experience but also add value to the Mirantte brand.

And it doesn't stop there!

An exclusive and innovative area for users

Furthermore, we developed a logged-in area where users can save favorite properties and organize them into folders, simplifying the search process. We have received positive feedback about this functionality. Additionally, clients can set up email alerts for properties with specific characteristics, keeping them updated on new opportunities within the real estate agency’s database.

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