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An exclusive and functional project: Overcoming challenges and fulfilling its goals 🚀

We received the challenge of repositioning the brand’s website, which was outdated and did not generate sales returns or customer conversion. Faced with competitors of the real estate developer in the region, we needed to create the best possible website, aligned with the brand’s positioning and its target audience. A thorough study was conducted to ensure that the website was responsive, adapting perfectly to mobile devices, where most conversions occur. In addition, we prioritized the implementation of SEO techniques and performance optimization on all pages, ensuring a complete and functional project. The result was a website that was not only visually appealing but also highly effective in generating tangible results for the company.


Aligning the architecture and visual aspects of the project

The prototypes of the SSN website were a crucial tool where we aligned our ideas and strategies to enhance the user experience and ensure quality. They facilitated communication between teams and stakeholders, ensuring that expectations were aligned from the beginning of development. We developed all prototypes before moving on to implementation, ensuring that the final product met user needs and project objectives.

Important details

Innovation, transparency for all users

The project was enriched with essential information, promoting absolute transparency about the progress of the works. In addition to the latest Instagram posts, we incorporated videos and virtual tours for an immersive experience. Additionally, we introduced construction progress charts, providing users with a clear view of real-time progress, with details of completed stages and upcoming milestones, making it easier to understand the project’s development.

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