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Connecting Experiences: The Innovation Case of Doubly 🚀

Challenges inspire innovation, and with Doubly, an innovative startup, it was no exception. Facing the challenge of creating an integrated platform and app for purchasing and using coupons through experience guides, Doubly sought out a specialized technology team for custom software and app development. They chose us to develop the MVP of their software and app. Our commitment was to turn this fantastic idea into reality, combining cutting-edge technology and design to provide users with a unique experience. The challenge was significant, and by working together to understand their needs and goals. The result? A robust platform and an intuitive app designed to facilitate the purchase and use of coupons, connecting users to a variety of experiences. We are proud to have been part of this project and look forward to seeing Doubly thrive in the startup scene.


Connecting Influencers to Establishments! 🤝🏻

We’ve created a platform that allows influencers to generate guides with coupons offered by various establishments. This tool provides influencers with a new source of monetization available 24/7. In turn, establishments are promoted for free, expanding their visibility and attracting new customers. We integrated Stripe as a payment gateway, enabling real-time commission splitting for influencers.


A Smooth and Optimized App

We’ve developed a Flutter app to streamline the use of guides and coupons acquired on the platform. With our solution, users can visit partner establishments listed in the purchased guides and redeem coupons through codes generated by the app.


A Comprehensive Management Panel for Establishments

We’ve developed an administrative dashboard for establishments, providing a complete dashboard to track results and promotion. Through it, establishments can validate coupons from visiting customers, as well as add new experiences at any time, expanding their visibility and chances of success.

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